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Manifesting is a SKILL you learn...not wishful thinking.

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In 2008, I was devastated by bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce.  However, only two years later, I became a top infomercial host selling over $50 Million on TV.  That incredible personal transformation inspired me to dig in and decode the real secrets to manifesting and creating positive breakthroughs and wealth in business, regardless of current circumstances.

I discovered a simple, step-by-step Manifesting Formula that I would love to share with you. I've taught thousands of people how to focus to get what they want.  It's so easy, even kids can do it. We are all natural-born manifestors, however it takes conscious effort to master.

I work with Executives, Entrepreneurs and Everyday People, to teach them how to master manifesting and live their best life doing work that is impactful and rewarding.

Most of the World's Top Business Leaders Have Mastered These Skills (You Can, too!)

  • See Business from the Future and inspire others toward that vision.
  • Create Daily GET StatementsTM that align with the Most Important Goals.
  • Release the Limiting Beliefs that no longer serve a higher purpose.
  • Take Inspired Actions.
  • Increase Your Energetic Vibration to attract more of what you want and less of what you don't want.
  • Live with Joy and Passion!
  • Master Bringing Thought into Reality.
  • Build Healthier and Stronger Relationships.
  • Have a Heightened Awareness of Gut Instincts and follow them.
  • Retrain Your Brain to see the opportunities that others overlook.
  • Link Business to Fun and a Higher Purpose.
  • Think Bigger to Manifest Bigger.
  • Tap into Divine Intelligence.

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Be Clear

"What do I want?" is the most difficult question you will ever ask yourself.  Tonja is a master at getting people clear on what they want so they can start calling in their abundance from a place of P*U*R*P*O*S*E!

Take Action

Manifesting is not wishful thinking, nor is it logical.  We signal the Universe with our positive energy and action.  Tonja will show you how to do things in such a way that it will get you where you want to go faster and with greater E*A*S*E!

Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate all of the success in your life.  Too often we focus on what doesn't work and we attract difficulty.  By shifting our awareness to success, we attract more of that! This is how you manifest L*U*C*K!

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