5 Mental Strategies to Manifest More of What You Want

happiness manifesting Mar 12, 2018

What sets great manifestors (successful people) apart from the average Joe's?

First, great manifestors have a burning desire for what they are doing.  Think of Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs. In manifesting, you want to do something that you absolutely are passionate about.  You also want to make the most of your time, your energy, and your resources. It's rarely about the money. It's about living a higher quality of life with passion, clarity and experiences that turn you on.  It is about using your creativity, skills and talents.

If you feel stuck or you are tired of doing the same old, same old, here is a quick list that can get you on the fast-track to getting more of what you want quicker than you might expect.

1. Go for what you want whole-heartedly.

Wishful thinking is the anithesis to manifesting.  Stop being wishy-washy about what you want. Successful people are direct, to the point, and unapologetic about what they want or why they want...

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13 Keys to Relationship Happiness

happiness manifesting Feb 12, 2018

Happy people tend to be healthier, enjoy work more, live longer, be more successful...the list goes on and on.

Happiness is a choice.  It is not a matter of your circumstances. Here are some choices that happy people make to lead happy, love-filled, healthy, successful lives..and attract happy, love-filled successful people!  Whether you are single or in a relationship, it is important to first have a great relationship with yourself.

1. Release resentments. Resentment ruins more great relationships than anything else.  Learn to communicate and let go. You will find that misery does not love company. Instead, be one to forgive easily and move on.  (That doesn't mean be a doormat.)

2. Practice random acts of kindness. Every time you reach out to do something kind, your brain produces serotonin, a hormone that eases tension and lifts your spirits. Start practicing random acts of kindness and you will find your entire day brightens.  Offer to return a...

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Play to Increase Your Manifesting Power!

Often we can feel like we are walking a tight rope periliously high above a sea of chaos.  It is easy to get fearful and bogged down with worry.  Am I going to have enough time?  Am I going to have enough money?  What if I look stupid?

Lose the Ego

It doesn't matter what other people think of you.  When you can relax and realize that "Life is just a game" you can have a whole lot more fun.  When you are on that tight rope and look down, you will see that you are only 6 inches off the ground and if you fall, at most you might scrape your knees.  No big deal.

Having a playful attitude raises your vibration and makes the flow of life happen more easily.  You will see new opportunities and make room for synchronicity.  Like the little train that could, you can powerfully affirm to yourself like a mantra, "I have more than enough time to do this. I have more than enough time to do this."  And, the net will appear under your tight...

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You Cannot Manifest for Other People

happiness manifesting Jan 23, 2018

I was goofing around with a friend and he said, "Why don't you go out and manifest a Land Rover for me!"  We laughed, and I was happy that he shared with me what he wanted. And, then I had to break the news to him that wanting me to manifest on his behalf wasn't such a great idea.  (I think I kinda took the wind out of his sails, and maybe he thought I didn't want to do that for him.  And, I did, but I can't!) 

Here's the story I shared with him to make my point so he knew that having what he wants is important to me, I just don't have the kind of power it takes to do it FOR him. Like many kids do, my kids were always coming to me asking for me to have things happen FOR them.  And, because I love them very much, I was always trying to do what I could so they could have what they wanted.  

However, I was getting frustrated by the pressure of TRYING to do it for them.  And then one day, my friend, John, gave me one of the most valuable...

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We Have Everything We Need to Manifest

manifest trustyourself Jun 16, 2017

Don't Tell Anyone What You Want To Manifest

If you've read my bestselling book, The Power of Manifesting you will know that one of the secrets to manifesting is, "Don't tell anyone what you want to manifest!"  I learned that secret from Dr. Wayne Dyer over 15 years ago.  When we tell someone what we want to manifest, we are actually doing two things.

1. We are giving away our power and faith in ourselves that we have everything within  ourselves that we need to manifest it.

2. We are risking creating negative energy working against us by someone who does not want us to have what we want.  (I call these people subconscious saboteurs.)

Let me say, that I don't think people intentionally set out to hurt us or get in the way of us having what we want.

But, they may have some unidentified negative feelings or fear about us getting what we want so that creates opposing energy.  Let me explain more about this through a conversation I had...

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loveyourlife manifesting Jun 13, 2017

Most people take life as it comes.  They make career decisions based on their work history and experience.  They live where they have always lived.  They do what they have always done.  Before they know it, they are in a rut...a deep rut...and complaining.

I've only got a few minutes here, but really wanted to get this thought out to you.  It was less than 2 years ago that I had this "idea" that I wanted to be on TV and radio earning residual income.  Now, I had no experience whatsoever in either of these markets.  I had never been on television.  However, I had this nagging feeling that this was what I really wanted to do. (I remember having this feeling as a freshman in high school but ignored it because I thought people would criticize me for it.  Sound familiar?)

Well, God (the Universe, the Whisper) never gives a desire without the means to fulfill on that desire.

I'm living proof that t is possible to step away from what you've...

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Desire is our Divine Compass

God plants a unique desire within each of us.

This unique desire is our compass to success. It is the muse that leads us in the direction of our greatest joy. It also leads us to use our greatest gifts for the highest and best contribution we can make to humanity. Every God-given desire has a plausible plan for fulfillment. Each desire holds within it all the energy and passion needed to follow it through to fruition.

You are unlimited. You have always been unlimited.  

You can do anything you set your mind and heart to.  Most of us stop because we put too much focus on other things like:  What if it disappoints my parents?  What if my spouse gets angry with me?  The kids are more important right now. Anytime we are not following our desire, we are out of alignment with what is in store for us.  When we do what we desire, we experience Joy.  Joy is the highest vibration and brings many great things to us.    NOW is the time to be YOU....

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Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Everything is energy, and intention is most important.  Most of the energy in our Universe is very random, flowing, unorganized.  It is intention that organizes energy; therefore, it is the guiding force behind manifesting.  It’s the rudder on the ship.

CLARIFY YOUR INTENTION simply means this:  Know what it is that you want!

What do I want is the hardest question we ever ask ourselves.  And, it is often skipped over because either we think it should be easier, or we don't have the time to do it.  Most of us simply do not know what we want. For some reason, we have lost our vision and just do life as it comes to us.  If we do want something, we quickly filter it through societal standards and expectations others have for us.  Or, we filter it through a past experience.

Remember what it was like as a kid?  Remember how you would dream big dreams?

Nothing was impossible.  Someone may have told you, you couldn't do something,...

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The True Source of Infinite Abundance

manifesting May 25, 2017

I have three emerging teenagers in my life, and they are constantly asking me for what they want!  Their imaginations, wants, and desires are endless!

I absolutely love it!  Yes.  I sometimes get tired of the asking.  I sometimes roll my eyes.  I sometimes go into a state of overwhelm.  Why?  Because I cannot even begin to provide all that they want.  (Neither could my parents provide for me all that I wanted for me at that age. And, I believe that it was probably about this time in my life that I stopped asking for what I want.  I slowly ceased asking and instead remained quiet.  Sound familiar?)

Well, consider this.  As parents and children, we need to recognize the true source of infinite abundance is not our parents it comes from the infinite supply of the Divine Source.  We are born into abundance.

In this physical world we are born into, we are given parents and a family to provide for our physical needs.  Soon...

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Allow Yourself To Dream

Almost 200 million have watched the cult movie, The Secret, or so I've heard.   (If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about then I highly suggest you grab a copy and watch it.)  This movie showcases several gurus who are very adept at manifesting.  However, the number one complaint I heard about it is that you can't just visualize something and "poof" have it happen.  You have to take action!  The movie didn't talk a lot about action, they focused on visualizing and pretending you already have what you want.  And, as a very hard working person most of my life, I really was looking for the magic pill where I wasn't pushing so hard to "make" it happen, so I was excited at the thought of just sitting and visualizing my way to success!  I've heard "Get to work!" and "Take action!" most of my life.  And, for the most part, I get things done.  But, this kind of manipulative action can leave many of us tired and frustrated--burnt...

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