5 Mental Strategies to Manifest More of What You Want

happiness manifesting Mar 12, 2018

What sets great manifestors (successful people) apart from the average Joe's?

First, great manifestors have a burning desire for what they are doing.  Think of Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs. In manifesting, you want to do something that you absolutely are passionate about.  You also want to make the most of your time, your energy, and your resources. It's rarely about the money. It's about living a higher quality of life with passion, clarity and experiences that turn you on.  It is about using your creativity, skills and talents.

If you feel stuck or you are tired of doing the same old, same old, here is a quick list that can get you on the fast-track to getting more of what you want quicker than you might expect.

1. Go for what you want whole-heartedly.

Wishful thinking is the anithesis to manifesting.  Stop being wishy-washy about what you want. Successful people are direct, to the point, and unapologetic about what they want or why they want it.

"The average person half-heartedly wants a lot of things," self-made millionaire Steve Siebold writes.

Successful people are clear on what they want, and focus on doing what it takes to get that. They fuel the wishful thinking into burning desire.

2. Focus your energy on manifesting one big thing at a time.

Have something big (and clearly defined) that you want to manifest. Don't dilute your energy on a bunch of little piddly things. Those will happen anyway.  When you are manifesting something big, write about it, see yourself creating that outcome.  Visualize it. Put your energy into it.

When you receive it, celebrate it and wait for the inspiration for the next big thing to manifest to appear. It will, you know.

3. Develop a mindset for completion.

Completion is one of the keys to manifesting. Success breeds success. When you complete something, take a moment to celebrate it. Feel the energy of that.  If you currently have lots of little things on your plate, those consume your mental energy.  

Set a timer and complete the little things as fast as you can.  Block out time for bigger items. And, really think about what projects you are willing to take on.  (See item #2.)

4. Realize it is not about the money or the stuff.

Jim Carrey once stated the following quote… “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer.”  Start thinking about what you would do if you had everything you ever wanted.  

Stop working for the money. "You really want to think about what will make you feel good," says Warren Buffet.  So much of the time we are working to keep up having stuff that really is not that important to us. Stuff takes a lot of our energy.  Maybe that is why Zappos, CEO Tony Hsieh lives in an Airstream trailer.

5. Enjoy life more.

Surveys show that the #1 thing that most people on their deathbed wish they had done was enjoy life more.  Enjoy time with their family and their friends. They wish they had life experiences rather than working all the time.  The purpose of life is joy - doing what you love.  Taking time to do what makes you happy increases your energy and multiplies your sucess in getting what you want.


Tonja Waring is the founder of The Manifesting Mindset®, she teaches executives, entrepreneurs and business owners how to increase revenue from known and unknown sources, find ways to do what they are most passionate about and how to align with that which makes them happy.

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Tonja Waring is the founder of The Manifesting Mindset®

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