Allow Yourself To Dream

Almost 200 million have watched the cult movie, The Secret, or so I've heard.   (If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about then I highly suggest you grab a copy and watch it.)  This movie showcases several gurus who are very adept at manifesting.  However, the number one complaint I heard about it is that you can't just visualize something and "poof" have it happen.  You have to take action!  The movie didn't talk a lot about action, they focused on visualizing and pretending you already have what you want.  And, as a very hard working person most of my life, I really was looking for the magic pill where I wasn't pushing so hard to "make" it happen, so I was excited at the thought of just sitting and visualizing my way to success!  I've heard "Get to work!" and "Take action!" most of my life.  And, for the most part, I get things done.  But, this kind of manipulative action can leave many of us tired and frustrated--burnt out.

So what is the difference between "manipulative" action and "inspired" action?

Well, regular manipulative action is usually based on fear of getting things done, should's, what if I don't?, etc.  I can always tell I'm in manipulative action if it seems like I'm working really hard and not really getting much accomplished.  It is just doing.  When I can really relax, open up and receive Divine Guidance, and let my light shine, things happen much easier.  I get what I call inspired thoughts.  These often are random thoughts that don't seem logical. I can usually only have these thoughts when I am calm, or asking a question of how I can do something, such as "What can I do today to assure $20,000 or more in my bank account in September?"   These thoughts are distinct from my usual everyday, beat myself up kind of thoughts, or what I call the Chicken Little thoughts, the ones that literally make me feel like the sky is going to fall at any minute. Inspired thoughts feel happy.  Inspired thoughts are typically something I've never thought of before, or I've thought of it before but didn't do it--and, it persistently comes to my mind.  Inspired thoughts literally inspire me into action, so I'm doing things because I really want to.  I'm excited! One trick I use to get from manipulative action into inspired action is to recognize as quickly as I can when I feel like what I'm doing is drudgery.  I recognize when I'm pushing too hard.  Then, I stop what I'm doing, and go lie on my bed, sit on my couch to write Angel Pages, or I go outside to bask in the sun.  I allow myself to visualize what I want to have happen.  I allow myself to dream and wish.  I ask myself what I would love to be doing right now.  Usually after about 10 or 15 minutes, I have so many wonderful ideas that get me so excited, I just can't lie or sit there one moment longer!  When I can no longer stay in bed because I'm so excited that I want to get to work, that is when I take action.  I take action immediately.  I just get to it! If I have so many ideas that I can't possibly get to everything, I write it down as much as I can so I can remember for later!  This process of going back to bed to dream, or sitting on my couch with a paper and pen writing angel notes, has been super life changing for me.  It makes my days fly by, and I absolutely love what I get to do every day.

What works for you to get inspired to take action? If you only had 48 hours to create your ideal life, what are some of the things you would do first?

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