Create Your Happiness

It was said to me today, that as Americans we think we need to SLOW down, when in reality we don't need to slow down, we need to CALM down!  Today, I set out to intentionally manifest a calm and happy day for myself.  I started my day by choosing a lovely sea blue blouse to wear--a color I know that my sweetie loves because of how blue it makes my eyes look.  It made me smile to pick something he would like, even though I won't be seeing him.  (I'm going to tell one on myself...I made a short little video to text him, just to let him know I wished him a great day--just so he could see...ha ha.  That was really fun for me.) Light blue is the color of the sky and the color of the sea.  I have found that this particular color makes me feel the most calm.  Do you ever consider color and your mood when you are picking out something to wear for the day?  You might want to try it!  Look at the colors in your closet and see how they make you feel. I find that royal purple, royal blue and red give me strong energy when I am out in the business world. Green is great for spring and growth. Here are some other great ideas for creating a *H*A*P*P*Y* Day for yourself. 1. Dress up and Show Up  (even if you are staying at home.)   Make a point to look and feel your very best!  Wear your favorite clothes.  Splash on some of your favorite perfume.  Fix your hair!  Put on some makeup.  Today, I was at my desk at 5:30 am, and even though I knew I would be home alone today, I wanted to make an impression on me!  I decided to spray on some new perfume...just because... I tell you, catching a whiff of "Sweet Pea" here and there has been delightful to my senses all day. 2. Calm Yourself with Tea and the Four Immeasurables. Put on a pot of tea.  Cook yourself a nice, simple breakfast likes kale and eggs or some oatmeal with apple and raisins.  And, find a nice, cozy spot to reflect or meditate.  Today, I repeated the Four Immeasurables [Maitri - Karuna - Mudita - Upeksa] that my great friend and co-author of Manifesting Romance - Happily Ever Laughter, Sheila Van Houten, taught me this summer.  Visualize what you want and repeat these four sanskrit words 11 times out loud or in your mind.  Say them as often as you want for a powerful calming effect to produce the feelings of Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. 3.  Give Lots of Compliments! It is so fun to receive compliments and give them!  Compliment yourself.  Compliment others.  See what you like in people and tell them.  Say it out loud.  This is similar to writing down three successes and three gratitudes each day.  You will notice that when you compliment others, say thank you, and recognize them, their energy goes up and they shine that back to you!  And, your energy will increase, too.  Why?  Because you are focusing on the positive! 4.  Find all the reasons you can to Laugh! Laughing is so much fun.  Even when I send off a short little video clip to someone to brighten their day, I make a point to let my laughter shine through.  Laughter is not only the best medicine, it is contagious.  We take so many things  seriously, when in reality they are quite silly.  Learning to laugh more often is the gift you give yourself. Something I absolutely love to do (and my kids are finally getting used to) is to not only say hi to strangers, but to say something that will make them laugh, or at the very least smile and shake their head a bit. Joy is the highest vibration and if you can pass that along, the world will be a better place. I'm sure of it. 5.  Take the time to observe and listen. I know that I am someone who can go a million directions at once in high gear.  I love that about myself, and sometimes it can really get in the way of my success and ability to enjoy the moment.  Today, I was about to make a choice that I could not discern if it was in my best interest or "out of habit".  I immediately reached out to my mentor for her perspective.  Thank God, she was strong enough to tell me what I didn't necessarily want to hear.  And, thank God, I was strong enough to listen and respect what she had to say.  I am much more calm and content as a result. What is something you've tried that works to calm you down or keep you focused? What do you do to make any day a happy day for yourself?  Read More on Happiness

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