Declare and Celebrate Manifesting

Last night, I had a client call me and wonder if he had indeed manifested. He then went on to relate a story of how he happened to purchase raffle tickets on two separate occasions, and both times he had won the prize that he said that he really wanted! These events were only a couple of weeks apart!

So what do you think? Did he manifest?

As we begin to open up and become aware of how we attract things to us, we will witness events of synchronicity. Then, we will begin to wonder, "Did I really just manifest that, or was it going to happen no matter what?" As the Law of Attraction states, "Like attracts like." So, I suggested to him (and, I'm suggesting to you) that it would be VERY beneficial if he just outright declared and accepted that this is truly manifesting! Why? Because if he declares and celebrates manifesting, he will attract more of the same! I suspect that after reading my bestselling book, The Power of Manifesting, that he began to experiment and intend to manifest like I describe in my book. Our intention alone will begin to create that synchronistic chain of events in our life. We will think something, and it will happen. (Manifesting = bringing thoughts into reality.) Here are some other keys to manifesting: Get Clear on What You Want - Clarity of what you want and burning desire are like pointing the rocket in the right direction and adding massive amounts of fuel to get you there in lightning speed. We need both clarity and burning desire to get there on point in the quickest way possible---with little or no effort. When my client said, "Yes, that is the prize I want and felt that feeling and knowing that he could have it, it became his!" Surrender to That Higher Voice (Intuition) - Once you know what you want, then your intuition or gut feelings will start to spark! It is important that we listen to these nudges. Intuition leads us in the right direction. It may not always seem like the right direction in our mind, but our gut will point the way if we only listen. Allow yourself time in your day and your life to be able to follow your intuition. Take Inspired Action - We have to move our feet! We have to buy that raffle ticket. We have to get off the couch! This morning, I heard (intuition) when I woke up that I need to manage my calendar AND EVENTS through September. I made a post on saying that on Facebook and a few minutes later, someone invited to me to present a keynote speech in September! Now, that is manifesting! I declare it! (If you liked this post, please share with the links on the left! Thanks.)

Do you think he manifested his win or was it luck?

Have you ever had success doing the same thing? If so, share your success story here.

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