Do You Love Your Space?

Years ago when I first studied feng shui, I learned Four Guiding Principles which really have become a foundation for my life.

1. Everything is energy.

2.  Intention is most important.

3.  Your space reflects your life.

4.  Use nature as your model.

These principles were developed by Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun who developed Black Sect Feng Shui:  feng shui that is westernized from its eastern heritage.  I taught many classes in Minneapolis years ago, and since my recent move to Dallas, TX have rediscovered a passion for helping others through feng shui.

Your space reflects your life simply means that what is going on your life can be observed by what is happening in the environments you spend the most time in.

In feng shui, we use a map of the nine life areas (a Bagua) and apply it to desktops, rooms, homes and offices.  We then use this map for clues to what is happening in our career, relationships, prosperity, etc.  Not only can we "read" what is going on in our life with this map, we can also shift physical objects in the environment to create shifts in our personal and business life.  How cool is that?  If we want to shift something, we move things.  This is super fun to play with! We not only look at the Bague, but we also look at what is happening in the environment overall.  Is it chaotic?  Is it peaceful?  Is it cluttered?  Is it clear?  Are there messages communicated over and over?  I once did a consultation for a woman who wanted a relationship.  However, she had about ten different pieces of artwork that were of little girls all alone.  She even spoke in a little girl's voice.  Even though, she was incredibly successful in her career, she had no power in relationships.  This observation alone was eye opening for her.

Do some feng shui!  Get the Energy Moving!

Move 27 things in your space that you haven't moved for a year or more.  Rearrange the pictures on your wall, get rid of something you no longer need or find useful or beautiful.  You will feel the energy move as you do this.

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