HELLO!! Just say yes!

As my friend Hugh Gilbert, author of Free the Unicorn, explained to me only a few days ago, not receiving sets the Universe out of alignment.  "By not receiving what you project [giving out] you are disrupting universal flow ..." so with that said, it is a myth that it is better to give than to receive. Everything we ask for is given.  It is always right there.  Sometimes, it is hidden behind the veil of what we cannot see because we are not open to seeing it because we are not open to receiving it.  It only SEEMS that what we asked for hasn't arrived. A few years back, I was coaching someone who had tried several logical ways to get money (about $400,000) from a bank. That is how he wanted to receive.  Makes sense, right?  Well, he was turned down 30-some times.  I, also, couldn't figure out why the banks wouldn't loan him the money because his deal looked rock-solid on paper.  We used some manifesting tricks to open up his receiving power with the Universe. The very next morning he woke up inspired to take different action.  As he was creating a new presentation for his venture, his brother walked into the office, saw him working on the presentation, and offered to loan him the money.  His brother loved it!  The funny thing is, my client called me, wondering what to do. He said he didn't want to take the money from his brother, he wanted it from a bank.

HELLO!!  Just say yes!

How many times have you denied gifts from the Universe because it wasn't the right color, or the right size?  How many times have you said no because you are worried it might be taking from someone else?  How many times did you say no because you didn't feel you worked hard enough.  Or, are you someone who says no because you are afraid you might be obligated in some way?  And, when you did say yes and you did receive, can you identify the feeling that went along with that?  Did it make manifesting easier? DO THIS NOW.  Go out into the sun and gather as much sun energy as you possibly can.  Receive it. Feel it on your face. Absorb it into the top of your head and let it flow into and throughout your body.  Mentally and emotionally think about taking as much sun as you possibly can.  Now, realize that no matter how much sun you take in, no one else is going without.  We have a "right" to the sun without thinking of any obligation.  We know it is ours, as much or as little as we want.  It is our life force.  Now, see the Universal Energy flow in the same way!  You can have as much or as little as you want. I was shown that when we receive to overflowing, we are able to give from a place of Divine fullness. That means giving freely and in total and complete love and joy.  This is the essence of Divine Love. Because many of us do not give from a place of Divine Love, we do not receive from a place of Divine Love either.  We can shift that now.  Receive to overflowing. Yesterday morning, I received the Divine Blessing of Stephanie Kathan's Resistance Release energy healing session.  Last night right before bed, I was flooded with a very clear picture of who I am and what my focus should be.  It was amazing. Not only did my resistance for my highest self dissolve, it became equally important to know what I should get my focus OFF of. I highly recommend it! Here is my gift to you today.  It is the Manifesting Prosperity Attunement that flowed into my life over the past couple of years. Put it on your mirror in the bathroom, read it at night before you go to bed, read it in the morning when you wake up.  Put it in the shower (write with dry erase marker).  Watch your life shift.  I promise nine months from now you will see a remarkable difference in your life.

What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted? What limiting belief can you let go of to open up the receiving channel in your life?   Attunement        

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