Keep Your Battery Charged

Celebrating your Success is to the Manifesting Prosperity ProcessTM what an alternator is to a keeps the battery charged!  When you start by identifying what you want (Step #1) and then you ask for it (Step #2), take inspired action (Step #3), and then you receive it (Step #4), it is time to show gratitude and acknowledge your success  (Step #5).  This final step is the most important step that signals the Universe (and your Divine Guidance Team) that mission is accomplished!  Recognizing a job well done signals for the Universe to bring you more of the actually attract more success into your life!  This is the step that revs the engine and brings power to the entire Manifesting Prosperity ProcessTM and sets you up for success for what you want to create next! This pattern can start to make you appear lucky to your friends.  They may start to wonder and ask, "How do you do it?"  I love these types of questions from people who watch me manifest the darndest things!

If we don't Celebrate Our Success, then we let all this really great energy dissipate.  It is a missed opportunity to harness it and use it for our next manifesting endeavor.

I know that this is Step #5, however, if you have been stuck or are in need of drawing some really good energy into your life, you can actually start by Celebrating Successes YOU'VE ALREADY HAD before you are clear in what you want (Step #1)!  All of us have had lots of success in our lives.   However, many of us have been trained to look at what hasn't worked, or what is wrong.  We ruminate on what doesn't work.  (Replace this thinking with looking for things you've done well!) Starting right now, grab a tablet or a blank piece of paper and write down 3 successes you've had.  They can be small or they can be big.  Each day (preferably in the morning before breakfast,) WRITE out three more successes that you've had (no repeats!). Do this every day.  Write it out. I don't know why, but writing is very powerful. When I have have received what I have specifically asked for, I thank my Divine Guidance Team out loud.  I actually say, "Thank you!!"  I also will take the time to write a thank you letter to them.

What are your 3 Successes for Today? How would you feel if you Celebrated Your Successes?

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