Manifesting Tip #315 Stay Playful to Raise Your Vibration

Often we can feel like we are walking a tight rope periliously high above a sea of chaos.  It is easy to get fearful and bogged down with worry.  Am I going to have enough time?  Am I going to have enough money?  What if I look stupid?

Lose the Ego

It doesn't matter what other people think of you.  When you can relax and realize that "Life is just a game" you can have a whole lot more fun.  When you are on that tight rope and look down, you will see that you are only 6 inches off the ground and if you fall, at most you might scrape your knees.  No big deal.

Having a playful attitude raises your vibration and makes the flow of life happen more easily.  You will see new opportunities and make room for synchronicity.  Like the little train that could, you can powerfully affirm to yourself like a mantra, "I have more than enough time to do this. I have more than enough time to do this."  And, the net will appear under your tight rope!  You will start seeing that indeed you do have enough time, money and energy for it all.

At times staying focused when there are many distractions all around you can be challenging.  Summertime can be so much fun, yet our groove can be interrupted with children out of school, family vacations, everyone in general moving at a more relaxed pace.  

Ask yourself, "Am I  stressed or playful?  How can I make this situation a game?  What rules do I want to make?"  Jim Rohn once said that we don't set goals to achieve them, we set goals to compel ourselves to become the person it takes to achieve them. I couldn't agree more.  Make sure you have fun.

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