Smile BIG

Hey, this is crazy. I've got this concept for changing the world with The Divine Radiance Blessing.

Actually, it's been an assignment from my Divine Guidance Team since about 2010. (I didn't realize this was the assignment, but I do now!) I read yesterday that many of us ask God to help us, when in reality God works through us. Does that make sense to you? When you ask for God's help, He is going to work through you, not necessarily for you. But, in the end, it is really for you. I have been on a "God working through me" journey" a lot lately. The more I listen, the better my life is. So, about four years ago, I heard the message to SMILE BIG. (Hey, look. My life was in the dumps, and I really didn't feel like smiling, let alone smile BIG.) I've always smiled, but I knew this smile was going to be different. This was coming from a place inside of me that I hadn't really known before. I started at Walmart. That was safe, right? I would smile this great big, goofy smile at people who worked at Walmart when no one else was looking! I didn't know them. I thought, "Jeez. These people are going to think I'm nuts." Rather than people looking at me like I just fell off the turnip truck, I witnessed something very different. The people I smiled at would take a moment, stop what they were doing, look at me, and smile back. It was like their entire body relaxed and their eyes twinkled. In that moment, they somehow changed. I grew braver and began to smile a ridiculous smile when I was ordering my coffee. I noticed that almost anyone I intentionally smiled big at pretty much always responded in kind. They would "lighten" up. When I smiled and they smiled back, I felt an instant connection. I grew lighter and happier, too. Sometimes, we would start a conversation that often ended in them saying, "You just made my day." I knew by that one simple act, I had the power to shift the vibration of the universe. I could feel it. I could see it. In the last four years, I've made a lot of people's day. I knew that maybe just for that day, they were happier, kinder. I could "see" them in my mind's eye passing the radiance on to their co-workers, spouses, children...maybe even complete strangers. Most of all, I could see myself changing and growing happier. I was feeling it on the inside.

What would life look like if you could simply radiate joy from the inside no matter what? What if you could just sit for a moment with your spouse or someone special to you and radiate love and joy to them?

Tonja Waring is a 30-year entrepreneur veteran, certified Law of Attraction coach, author of Single Mom on Fire, Manifesting Prosperity in 33 Days, and the Divine Radiance Blessing, frequent guest on QVC, radio host of Divine Intelligence Radio, and international business consultant. And, she just so happens to be a single, work-from-home mom of three! She has personally mentored hundreds of people to launch and grow their businesses to support their dream lifestyle. If you'd like to work directly with Tonja, please contact her by filling out the form below.

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