The Power Of Intention

Did you watch The Secret? I know that many people became familiar with the Law of Attraction when they watched the 2006 cult film, The Secret. Or, they were likely introduced through the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  Well, my introduction to manifesting and the Law of Attraction really began when I studied with Carole Hyder at the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui for two years starting in 1999.  It was through her teaching and affiliation with His Holiness, the late Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun founded the Fourth Stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (BSTB), that I began to live by the Four Guiding Principles:

  • Everything is Energy
  • Intention is Most Important
  • Your Space Reflects Your Life
  • Use Nature as Your Model

His Holiness introduced BSTB to the West in the early 1970’s. He transformed ancient Buddhism and Chinese philosophies to adapt to the modern life  and challenges of the western world.  Traditional compass school (eastern philosophy) feng shui did not incorporate these principles.  I remember Ms. Hyder saying that because of the principle, Intention is Most Important, His Holiness declared that BSTB feng shui will produce changes of 110 to 120% where traditional feng shui only has a 10 to 20% increase in results.  She said that the power of intention will move you beyond the normal realm of me, this is what manifesting is all about - creating something in reality that is beyond the normal realm of possibility. I studied the Law of Attraction intently for one year and became a certified Law of Attraction business coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  The entire year I was studying, I was grounded by and influenced by what I learned through feng shui a decade earlier.  Our space reflects our life simply means that we manifest in our physical space what is going on within us.  If we are cluttered on the inside, the space we live in will be cluttered and vice versa.  If we inhabit a cluttered home or office, we will feel cluttered mentally and sometimes it manifests in physical illness.  By shifting the thoughts in our mind or by moving or removing things in our home and office, we will create powerful changes that are reflected in our life. Here's my point, listen to this story... Last night, I received a call from a sleep expert who met me while I was selling MyPillow in Tulsa, OK three years ago.  When he saw me on TV a year later, he was amazed at how I had manifested so much in my life in so little time.  He sought me out on the internet because he wanted the same kind of results in his business. He told me how he had to change his desk to face the wall, so he could fit a larger screen TV in the room so his patients could observe how they slept.  He read one of my feng shui articles about desk placement and realized how that one change severley impacted his business and his personal life as a result.  I knew immediately that his vision was hindered, he couldn't concentrate and focus, and he would have difficulty getting any real traction in moving forward...and as a result, he probably feels like he is always falling behind.  As I said these exact words to him, I knew by the tone in his voice on the other end of the phone that I was dead on. Having your home or office in feng shui alignment and creating a powerful intention will substantially increase your success. My kids have grown up in a feng shui home.  Their beds are correctly placed.  Clutter is minimized. (OK, don't look behind Door #3!!) The kitchen, office and bedrooms are always in the proper areas for their function.  I was not surprised at all when my 11-year-old skipped through the house and said, "Mommy, thank you for picking such a great home for us to live in."  I can honestly say, they are very well-balanced, happy, productive teenagers who I enjoy spending my time with.  I have feng shui'd schools, law firms, and even spoken to employees of Fortune 100 companies on how they can improve their lives through the understanding of feng shui. Even the sleep doctor last night realized that in all the years of helping people with their sleep, he had never once considered what their bedroom is like and how that may have a large impact on how his clients sleep.  I know for a fact, that where a bedroom is positioned in the house, what is in the bedroom (TV, mirrors, bookshelves, etc.) will greatly impact the calm and peace needed to slumber sweetly.  I hope the good doctor will keep seeking answers not only for himself, but for his clients, too.  I see a book in our What kind of feng shui adjustments have you tried and how did they work? Questions about feng shui?  Just ask. Learn More About Feng Shui

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