The True Source of Infinite Abundance

manifesting May 25, 2017

I have three emerging teenagers in my life, and they are constantly asking me for what they want!  Their imaginations, wants, and desires are endless!

I absolutely love it!  Yes.  I sometimes get tired of the asking.  I sometimes roll my eyes.  I sometimes go into a state of overwhelm.  Why?  Because I cannot even begin to provide all that they want.  (Neither could my parents provide for me all that I wanted for me at that age. And, I believe that it was probably about this time in my life that I stopped asking for what I want.  I slowly ceased asking and instead remained quiet.  Sound familiar?)

Well, consider this.  As parents and children, we need to recognize the true source of infinite abundance is not our parents it comes from the infinite supply of the Divine Source.  We are born into abundance.

In this physical world we are born into, we are given parents and a family to provide for our physical needs.  Soon enough, we forget our inherent abundance and instead look to our parents as the Source.  And, really all that is ever really expected of our parents is that they provide shelter, sustenance and love.

"Ask and It is Given." is a biblical promise.

It is not conditional.  We don't have to do something in exchange for it.  We don't have to deserve it or be good enough.  All we have to do is ask. Really you might ask?  Really. When we connect with our Divine Source and ask, it is given.  Now sometimes, we are not open to receiving so it feels like we haven't been given what we ask for.

1.  Teach yourself to ask.  When someone asks you for something that is not for you to give, redirect them to the Divine Source.  Remind them that they have a Divine Guidance Team who is waiting to bring them what they desire.  They just have to go to the Source.  And, the fastest access to the Source is through Joy (the highest vibration).

2. Ask for what you want out loud or in writing.

3. Focus on doing those things that bring you JoY as you wait patiently for the Universe to bring you what you have asked for.  It is always given.

What have you asked for and received? Share.


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