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manifest trustyourself Jun 16, 2017

Don't Tell Anyone What You Want To Manifest

If you've read my bestselling book, The Power of Manifesting you will know that one of the secrets to manifesting is, "Don't tell anyone what you want to manifest!"  I learned that secret from Dr. Wayne Dyer over 15 years ago.  When we tell someone what we want to manifest, we are actually doing two things.

1. We are giving away our power and faith in ourselves that we have everything within  ourselves that we need to manifest it.

2. We are risking creating negative energy working against us by someone who does not want us to have what we want.  (I call these people subconscious saboteurs.)

Let me say, that I don't think people intentionally set out to hurt us or get in the way of us having what we want.

But, they may have some unidentified negative feelings or fear about us getting what we want so that creates opposing energy.  Let me explain more about this through a conversation I had with a friend a couple of years ago. We were goofing around on the phone, and he said something like, "Why don't you go out and manifest a Land Rover for me!"  We laughed, and I was happy that he shared with me what he wanted. And, then I had to break the news to him that wanting me to manifest on his behalf wasn't such a great idea.  (I think I kinda took the wind out of his sails, and maybe he thought I didn't want to do that for him.  And, I did, but I can't!)  And, here's the story I shared with him to make my point so he knew that having what he wants is important to me, I just don't have the kind of power it takes to do it FOR him. Like many kids do, my kids were always coming to me asking for me to have things happen FOR them.  And, because I love them very much, I was always trying to do what I could so they could have what they wanted.  However, I was getting frustrated by the pressure of TRYING to do it for them.  And then one day, my friend, John, gave me one of the most valuable pieces to parenting that I had ever received: We are not here to manifest for our kids.  We are here to teach our children how to manifest for themselves.   inspired thoughtThe lightbulb went on.  I know without a doubt that we can manifest anything that we have a burning desire to have in our life.  But, if we don't have that desire within ourselves, we do not have the power to do it.  Period.  My daughter wanted a horse.  When she came to me asking for a horse, I wanted to provide that for her as a parent, so  I told her I would do that.  But, as much as I tried to manifest that for her and provide that for her, an underlying current of "I don't want to add the responsibility of having a horse." was coursing through my veins.  I don't want to be responsible for the extra cost.  I worry that I will be overwhelmed with the extra time driving needed to take her to the arena.  I worry about what if the horse gets sick, etc.

You can see that my desire to have a horse is not nearly as strong as her desire.

And, the fact that I have worries and concerns, actually keeps her from having a horse because now I have strong opposing energy (even if I didn't mean to!)  I meant well, and even though I want her to have a horse. I was the subconscious saboteur that I tell people to watch out for! So, I had to tell her, "Sweetie.  I am not going to get you a horse.  I take back any promises I have made to you about getting a horse.  If you want a horse, you are going to have to manifest it yourself.  I'm willing to show you how."  Of course, she was hurt and disappointed. (Ok, let's be real.  She was really, really peeved at me.)  But, it was the truth, and I had to get myself out of the way of her having what she wanted. What happened is that she became inspired to sell her paintings to make money for boarding a horse.  I've seen her artistic talents improve since then.  She participated in a trade show.  She manifested a commissioned art piece.  She met an art representative guiding her to prepare for gallery showings.  She got offered to show her artwork in a retail space.  Many great things happened for her as a result of me stepping out of the way.  And, I have no doubt that she will have a horse much sooner without my help!

Tonja Waring headshotTonja Waring is creator of The Manifesting Mindset, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Solo Mom to 3 Enlightened Teenagers.  She loves to experiment with manifesting and infinite energy and share her discoveries through speaking, writing and coaching.  She has taught many, many workshops on manifesting, feng shui, and infinite energy through the years. On accident, she discovered the Manifesting ProcessTM that forever changed her life. She literally went from being denied welfare and depressed on the couch to being seen on National TV over 180 times a day. She also co-wrote one of the most profitable ads ever written which appeared in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.  She teaches executives, entrepreneurs and everyday people how they can create what they want and live life on point.

Do you share what you want to manifest or do you keep it a secret?

What "ah-ha" do you have about trying to manifest for other people in your life?


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