Do You Love Your Space?

Years ago when I first studied feng shui, I learned Four Guiding Principles which really have become a foundation for my life.

1. Everything is energy.

2.  Intention is most important.

3.  Your space reflects your life.

4.  Use nature as your model.

These principles were developed by Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun who developed Black Sect Feng Shui:  feng shui that is westernized from its eastern heritage.  I taught many classes in Minneapolis years ago, and since my recent move to Dallas, TX have rediscovered a passion for helping others through feng shui.

Your space reflects your life simply means that what is going on your life can be observed by what is happening in the environments you spend the most time in.

In feng shui, we use a map of the nine life areas (a Bagua) and apply it to desktops, rooms, homes and offices.  We then use this map for clues to what is happening in our career, relationships, prosperity, etc.  Not only can we...

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Everything is Energy.

feng shui manifesting Oct 11, 2016

Everything is energy. Our thoughts.  Our furniture.  The air we breathe.  We are surrounded by and a part of this Universal Energy much like a drop of seawater is the ocean.

This energy has a flow, a current, a direction and in our life we can choose to go with the flow of energy, or against it.  Abraham Hicks talks about this in "going upstream" vs. "going downstream."  Everything that we could want to attract or grab into our life is is both upstream and downstream because it is all the same energy.  However, fighting the current to go upstream requires a lot of effort  Right? You want to train yourself to enjoy the process of going downstream to get what you want and stop exerting so much effort which only causes you to miss what is all around you in the first place. Today, on Manifesting Prosperity Radio I spoke with Patrick Dougher on Manifesting Prosperity for Entrepreneurs and how Everything Is Energy and how you can start to tap...

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How One Client Received $100 Million in Financing with Feng Shui

feng shui Feb 14, 2015

I began my study of feng shui in 1999 and was immediately fascinated. How could something so simple as moving a chair or adding a picture in one specific place, create such profound changes in someone's life?

Energy.  That's it.  

Everything is energy with a very specific vibration.  We can shift the frequency of that energy with our intention or by moving something.  Our intention makes the greatest impact.  

Here are the 4 Guiding Principles of Feng Shui.

1. Everything is energy.

2. Intention is most important.

3. Your space reflects your life.

4. Use nature as your model.

You know Intention is most important. You know it is true! It's not what you say, it's how you say it. It's not what you do, it's how you do it. We are powerful beings simply because we have the God-granted ability to have a thought, say something, do something, and completely change our future experience as a result. We are creative beings regardless of whether we can only draw a stick...

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The Power of Vibrational Shifting to Move Faster and Land on Your Feet

feng shui manifesting Jun 10, 2013

The past month for me has been about moving. Yes, this is usually a stressful time. I should know. I've moved 8 times in the last 11 years...with three kids and a dog.

One of the interesting things is that with this move, I don't know where we are going to land when school starts. My kids and I are put things in storage for now and are spending the summer in South Dakota with my parents. (Horses, friends and family is a wonderful way to spend the summer.)

Before I even packed one box, I used my sacred bell to vibrationally shift "and lighten" everything in my home and to set an intention: My intention was that every object that was meant to be with me for my higher good would stay with me or go to a better owner for the highest and best of all. I could almost see and feel everything going to its rightful home--even if that was  not my new home.

I wanted to put most everything into storage (or find a new home for it) so I could travel freely with my kids for the summer with...

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