Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Everything is energy, and intention is most important.  Most of the energy in our Universe is very random, flowing, unorganized.  It is intention that organizes energy; therefore, it is the guiding force behind manifesting.  It’s the rudder on the ship.

CLARIFY YOUR INTENTION simply means this:  Know what it is that you want!

What do I want is the hardest question we ever ask ourselves.  And, it is often skipped over because either we think it should be easier, or we don't have the time to do it.  Most of us simply do not know what we want. For some reason, we have lost our vision and just do life as it comes to us.  If we do want something, we quickly filter it through societal standards and expectations others have for us.  Or, we filter it through a past experience.

Remember what it was like as a kid?  Remember how you would dream big dreams?

Nothing was impossible.  Someone may have told you, you couldn't do something,...

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The Power Of Intention

Did you watch The Secret? I know that many people became familiar with the Law of Attraction when they watched the 2006 cult film, The Secret. Or, they were likely introduced through the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  Well, my introduction to manifesting and the Law of Attraction really began when I studied with Carole Hyder at the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui for two years starting in 1999.  It was through her teaching and affiliation with His Holiness, the late Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun founded the Fourth Stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (BSTB), that I began to live by the Four Guiding Principles:

  • Everything is Energy
  • Intention is Most Important
  • Your Space Reflects Your Life
  • Use Nature as Your Model

His Holiness introduced BSTB to the West in the early 1970’s. He transformed ancient Buddhism and Chinese philosophies to adapt to the modern life  and challenges of the western world.  Traditional compass school (eastern...

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