loveyourlife manifesting Jun 13, 2017

Most people take life as it comes.  They make career decisions based on their work history and experience.  They live where they have always lived.  They do what they have always done.  Before they know it, they are in a rut...a deep rut...and complaining.

I've only got a few minutes here, but really wanted to get this thought out to you.  It was less than 2 years ago that I had this "idea" that I wanted to be on TV and radio earning residual income.  Now, I had no experience whatsoever in either of these markets.  I had never been on television.  However, I had this nagging feeling that this was what I really wanted to do. (I remember having this feeling as a freshman in high school but ignored it because I thought people would criticize me for it.  Sound familiar?)

Well, God (the Universe, the Whisper) never gives a desire without the means to fulfill on that desire.

I'm living proof that t is possible to step away from what you've...

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