16 Keys to Happiness

Happy people tend to be healthier, enjoy work more, live longer, be more successful...the list goes on and on.

Happiness is a choice.  It is not a matter of your circumstances. Here are some choices that happy people make to lead happy, love-filled, healthy, successful lives!

1. Release resentments. Hey, I believe resentment ruins more great resentments.  Learn to communicate and let go. You will find that misery does not love company. Instead, be one to forgive easily.

2. Practice random acts of kindness. Every time you reach out to do something kind, your brain produces serotonin, a hormone that eases tension and lifts your spirits. Start practicing random acts of kindness and you will find your entire day brightens.  Offer to return a grocery cart for someone, grab a second cup of coffee to give to someone.

3. Express gratitude for what you already have! If you are reading this, you are already in the 1% club of people in the world.  As you write or say out...

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Stretching Out of Your Comfort Zone

Am I *C*R*A*Z*Y* or what? In October, I began a year-long commitment to immerse myself in the Law of Attraction.

Yes, along with raising three kids, homeschooling my 7th grader, traveling every weekend with work, I made a conscious decision to become a full-time student in Christy Whitman's, Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I didn't want to become a Law of Attraction Coach, I simply wanted to master The Law of Attraction. And, the moment I heard about the program, this loud whisper in my head said, "DO IT!" So, I did (with little to no information about the course.)

"The major reason for setting goals is not the achievement of the goals; it is to compel you to become the person it takes to be to achieve them."

Jim Rohn

Over the holidays, I took the time to relax a bit. As I relaxed and pondered the new year, I stopped resisting becoming a coach and ALLOWED myself to consider that perhaps I do want to coach others. So, I decided that I was going to have 10 new coaching clients and...

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