Manifesting is an Art and Science

art manifesting science Apr 06, 2017

Recently I shared The Power of Manifesting with Gary Barnes and his coaching clients.

Manifesting is an art and a science.  I could talk for hours and hours on the subject.  It fascinates me. I remember as a little girl walking in the woods with my father.  With us was a water-witcher.  This man was long and lanky, older  gentleman.  He brought out a wishbone type of tree branch. As we walked through the tree line just west of our home in rural South Dakota, he was dowsing for a water vein many feet below the soil we were standing on. His ability to find the vein would be the difference of my family spending $15,000 to drill a well that hit water, or $15,000 to drill a well that produced little to nothing.   Click here to download the audio

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