We Have Everything We Need to Manifest

manifest trustyourself Jun 16, 2017

Don't Tell Anyone What You Want To Manifest

If you've read my bestselling book, The Power of Manifesting you will know that one of the secrets to manifesting is, "Don't tell anyone what you want to manifest!"  I learned that secret from Dr. Wayne Dyer over 15 years ago.  When we tell someone what we want to manifest, we are actually doing two things.

1. We are giving away our power and faith in ourselves that we have everything within  ourselves that we need to manifest it.

2. We are risking creating negative energy working against us by someone who does not want us to have what we want.  (I call these people subconscious saboteurs.)

Let me say, that I don't think people intentionally set out to hurt us or get in the way of us having what we want.

But, they may have some unidentified negative feelings or fear about us getting what we want so that creates opposing energy.  Let me explain more about this through a conversation I had...

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