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Monday Morning Manifestors Group Coaching | 9 am CST

Learn Bad Ass Manifesting Skills | Power Start Your Week | Stay Focused on Your Business Goals
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Monday Morning Manifestors
@ 8 MST | 9 CST | 10 EST

(This is 100% interactive and you can receive individual coaching on the call.)

Would you like to Get Clear on What You Want and align your vision and energy?

Would you like to learn how to Connect to Universal Energy and attract what you want?

What if you could Eliminate the Crazy Stress. Do what brings you joy instead?

Would you like to Discover your life's purpose and make a difference for others?

Would you like to Remove the Emotional Blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back?

Would you like to Reprogram your Reticular Cells so you can see opportunities you've been missing?

You also will receive full access to:
The Manifesting Mindset® Home Study Course

The Manifesting ProcessTM: A simple 6-Step Process proven to call in what you desire so you can receive it.

3-Powerful Meditations that align your energy and expand your vision for greater results.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unlocking the 4 Domains of Manifesting and Growing Your Net Worth

Includes Tons of Valuable Resources and Tools

And, many other BONUS teachings on feng shui, GET StatementsTM and how to expand your energy for removing energetic blocks for yourself and others.

(Learn More.)

Isn't it time to break free, rediscover the power of your mind, and live your dream life aligned with your purpose?

Coach Tonja Waring

I have studied feng shui and the law of attraction since 1998.  I've personally experienced going through bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce and understand the challenges in digging out of the hole. I will teach you the same secrets I used to become a top infomercial host selling over $50 Million on TV, best selling author and million dollar business owner.

Join me on Monday mornings and you will see for yourself how easy it is to manifest and start receiving what it is you truly desire to have in your life. 

"My first Monday Morning Manifestors class opened my eyes to the possibilities. Tonja's insight is remarkable. It is like she sees deep into your heart and soul and reaches in to bring out your BEST!"

Linda Rhea
Vision Boards

"I have come away feeling a sense of purpose in moving forward. I am extremely grateful for learning how easy it is to manifest. It helps to know what I want."

Gordon Hudelson

"This has impacted my relationship with money, time management, my experience of getting what I want, in expressing my love and appreciation for others, my ability to get things done, breaking barriers that seemed unbreakable before, my energy level has increased and my ability to engage in physical exercise has altered dramatically."

Viviana Szleifer

"The Manifesting Mindset® is a revolutionary way to get what you want. The concepts are easy to understand, and I was able to start manifesting what I wanted right away. (And, I'm getting better at it. I love it!)"

Connie Delgado

The reality is that you KNOW what to do. Manifesting is about tapping into what you don't know. Most Entrepreneurs work harder and make less money than they did in the job they wanted to leave. Let's change that. Start making more today.

The World is Full of Unhappy People.

Often it's difficult to find positive people to hang out with.  Here you will find people like you who want to master manifesting.  It's important to surround yourself with people who are ready to expand and celebrate their success - not hide from it.  Plus, this is a fantastic opportunity to receive the closest thing to personal coaching with Tonja Waring, at a fraction of the investment.

If you aren't 100% thrilled with your membership in the Monday Morning Manifestors Group Coaching, you can ask for a full refund -  no questions asked.

Start Today and Learn the Secrets to Getting What You Want

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