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Entrepreneurs, leaders and sales people, are you ready to tap into an easier way to increase your profits and live a high-quality life?

The Manifesting Mindset®


The complete system that teaches you how to start getting what you want (vs. what you don't want.)


Stop leaving your greatest resources untapped.
Make the most of what you were born with.

I'm Tonja Waring... founder of The Manifesting Mindset®

I like to think of myself as that young-living, free-thinking person who is making a tremendous difference for others, simply by daring myself to be me...every single day.

I know first-hand that stepping out of your current situation can feel a lot like stepping onto a tight rope. But, if you look down, you'll see you are only a few inches off the ground.  Not so scary, Right?

I have discovered how to use The Manifesting ProcessTM to get what I want including selling over $50 Million on TV and raising three thriving teenagers,  I would love to show you step-by-step how you can get what you want, too.  (Read more...)

Manifesting is a SKILL you learn...not wishful thinking.

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Manifesting is about living a high-quality life that is aligned with your purpose. It's about having fun and enjoying what you have.

Are you ready to live a high-quality life?

  • Create Daily GET StatementsTM that align you with your most important goals.
  • Tap into Divine Intelligence.
  • Release the stories that no longer serve you.
  • Delgate to Your Divine Guidance Team and watch your business flow.
  • Increase the Law of Vibration to attract more of what you want.
  • Discover the Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Manfiesting Mojo
  • Retrain Your Brain to see the opportunities that you have been overlooking.
  • Tap into Divine Intelligence
  • Build healthier and stronger relationships that support you.
  • Take Inspired Actions that lead to more profits.
  • Link your Business to Fun and Higher Purpose.
  • Master The Manifesting ProcessTM to get anything you desire.
  • Think Bigger to Manifest Bigger.
  • Receive the Business Success Blueprint to Grow Your Networth.
  • Live with Joy and Passion!

Download your FREE Copy of
The Manifesting ProcessTM

6 Super Easy Steps to Create, Manifest and Get What You Want.  
(Step #2 You've Probably Never Heard of Before.)

Coaches Training and Certification Programs


Having impact in people's lives is the real currency.  Harvard Review Studies show that for 29.2% of the people who hire coaches, CERTIFICATION is very important.  Coaching is an ever expanding industry as more people are becoming small business owners and entrepreneurs.


100K Impact
Coaches Training and Certification

This six-month training and certification is specifically designed to provide the tools and framework for independent business owners, coaches, trainers, and speakers to develop an income stream that exceeds $100,000 a year. 

Manifesting Mindset® Coach Certification

If you are ready to master the art and science of manifesting and teach others to do the same, this is a course I highly recommend.  I draw on years of experience as a certififed feng shui practitioner and manifesting coach.