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Studies show 80% of Success is MINDSET.

(Only 20% is tactical.) 

Tonja Waring can teach your group how to tap into their most valuable resource...their mind.

Tonja Waring has sold over $50 Million on TV as a top infomercial host and QVC Guest. She co-authored one of the most profitable newspaper ads.


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Bestselling Author of 
The Power of Manifesting

People often recommed this powerful, little book to their sales teams, spouses and friends.

It is so easy to understand, yet teaches the fundamental, 6-Step Process to Manifesting.  Manifesting is about living a high-quality life and superceding what is possible when you step out of the "everyday norm" and step into full alignment with your skillset, passion and purpose.


Your Dream Life: Mission Possible

If you want to MANIFEST Bigger, you’ve got to THINK bigger. What do you want more of? Money? Love? Fame? Respect? When we think of prosperity, we tend to think of money, but there is so much more available to each of us than just money. Prosperity may be found in your health, your relationships, your emotions, your spirit. Manifesting is the key to living life at the ultimate level: full of peace, joy, abundance, love and health. Discover the #1 Rule and 6 Easy Steps for creating your dream life.

The Manifesting Mindset®

Have the people in your organization lost the excitement they once had?  Is the vibe stale? Are most people working hard, but the sales numbers or customer satisfaction ratings don't match up? Studies show 80% of success is our mindset and only 20% is what we do. This presentation aligns executives and employees with their most powerful resource to skyrocket their success. See what can be accomplished when you: 1) Get Clear, 2) Take Inspired Action and 3) Celebrate Your Success.

Get Clear On What Outcome You Intend

Consider the laser beam, which organizes scattered light into a power force that can cut through steel. The clearer and more intentional we are about what we desire, the more focused and powerful our energy is to cut through any barriers between us and our goals. You have the power to create anything you choose. But anything doesn’t mean everything. Learn five strategies to clarify your intention, strengthen your focus and attain what you really want.

Tonja was a Marketer of the Year Finalist
at The Big Money Speaker Bootcamp
with 750 participants.

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Tonja produces 4-hour pop-up events throughout the United States.  Great for any business or corporation.

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