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Manifesting Feng Shui

The Art and Science of Arranging Your Home and Office for a Great ViBE

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First, Manifesting Feng ShuiTM is not interior decorating. Manifesting Feng Shui is about setting a clear intention in your living space and anchoring the energy to attract what you want.
During a private on-site consultation we will:

Get Clear on What You Want and align your vision and intention for your desired outcome.

Identify Your Current Life Energy Patterns using a blueprint of your home or office.

Make Adjustments to the Nine Life Areas (Bagua) to stimulate the chi and manifest changes.

Use the Three Secrets of Reinforcement to powerfully set your intention.

Balance and Harmonize the Energy Using the Chinese 5 Elements.

Honor the Tradition of the Red Envelope. 

The most important adjustments are often made in your bedroom for improving sleep quality, health and relationships.

I've worked with clients to:

Resolve personnel conflicts in a law office and another between manager and sales manager. (Command position issue.)

Call in a new love or enhance their current partnership. (Typically, making space for the other person and creating balance.)

Increase prosperity and overall abundance. Often the result of stuck business energy, or challenging business location.

Review blueprints prior to building or remodeling, and perform land blessings. 

Make their home feel more comfortable or inviting when it just doesn't feel right or they are having difficulty selling.

* results may vary.

"I hired Tonja to come and do a space healing of our home. It had been on the market for about 18 months. Within a week of her consultation, there was a buyer!"

Viviana Szleifer

"Tonja shared practical ideas for home offices that our sales reps could be put into action immediately. Our sales reps have increased their incomes which in turn, increases our bottom line! Most importantly, they are having more fun working in an office that functions for them!"

Stephanie Weber

Sometimes, there is that one area that is giving you fits.

SPECIAL OFFER: One Room Consultation, Only $97
5 Photos/30-minute phone consult

Bedroom: You spend 1/3 of your life in your bedroom.  The energy greatly affects your relationships, health and peace of mind. Furniture placement is key.

Office:  Creating a harmonious work environment can maximize productivity and increase sales. We will enahnce the 4 Life Areas that affect business.

~ Or any room in the house you choose!

Phone or Online 30-minute consultation 

Also includes 3-Powerful Meditations that align your energy and expand your vision for greater results.

Schedule a One-Room Phone Consult

Hi, I'm Tonja Waring and I've been teaching feng shui and consulting since 1999. I love working with my clients; it is fun and rewarding. I've seen it work wonders for so many.  Several of my clients have done multiple appointments with me. (home and office, moving, mulitple locations, etc.)

We can now do online feng shui consultations; however, it is always best to physically be in your home or office when I can.  Pricing varies on size/location.

With Manifesting Feng ShuiTM you will experience real, profound shifts that come from living and working in an evirnoment that feels good.  It affects everyone who is in that space: family, clients, coworkers.

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