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Are you ready to Master Manifesting for yourself and teach others, too?

The Manifesting Mindset Coaches Training
Starts September 2017


The Manifesting Mindset® is about getting clear on what you want and then attracting it to you.

Tonja Waring developed this training based on her year's of experience as a feng shui practitioner, law of attraction coach and successful entrepreneur. She discovered The Manifesting ProcessTM on accident. This simple 6-step process is the foundation to her teaching.

Discover why affirmations don't always work and why the Attractor Distractor is so much more powerful.

Connect to Source Energy and signal what you want to manifest. Write Angel Pages and Increase Your Intution

Eliminate the Crazy Stress that is sucking the life out of you. Do what brings you joy instead.

Identify your life's purpose and make a difference for others by aligning your skills, passions and purpose.

Learn several techniques to remove the emotional blocks and traumas that hold you back.

Reprogram your Reticular Cells so you can reset your money setpoint and see opportunities you've literally been missing.

Manifesting is about living a high-quality life that is aligned with your purpose.

What's Inside
The Manifesting Mindset® Coaches Training and Certification?

The Manifesting ProcessTM: How to coach effecively with this simple 6-Step Process.

3-Powerful Meditations that align your energy and can be shared with your clients.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unlocking the 4 Domains of Manifesting and Growing Your Net Worth (These two sections are incredibly powerful.)

Includes  A Full Library of Valuable Resources and Tools you will always have access to.

Plus, you’ll get introductory training to consult in FENG SHUI and other modalities.

And, many other BONUS teachings on how to expand your energy and remove energetic blocks for yourself and others.

PLUS...There are 18 LIVE TRAINING WEBINARS, 2 Hours of Private Coaching (with Tonja), DOZENS of instructional videos, Action Guides, downloads, client handouts, contracts, email support and PEER Group Masterminds.

Manifesting is not Wishful Thinking. Manifesting is a SKILL you easily can learn.

  • You can gain control over fear and stop worrying so much about what other people think.
  • You can tap into Divine Guidance and free yourself from working so damn hard.
  • You can design (and live) your ideal life.  Do what you love...every single day.
  • I know because that's what it has done for me...and those I've taught.
  • No one else is teaching this.

    *results may vary.

"What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted?"

I personally invested thousands of dollars mastering feng shui and law of attraction, and still I went through bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce in the real estate crash of 2008.  One day, I desperately asked God to bring me something I could sell; something I believed in.  Within months, I became a top infomercial host selling over $50 Million on TV. 

That day, I tapped into  a simple step-by-step process that really worked. And when saw I my students and clients having the kind of results I was having, I knew I had to teach this to as many people as possible.  (Lots of moms and dads teach it to their kids.) 

I was given The Manifesting ProcessTM when I needed it most in my life, and I want share it with as many people as possible.

"This has impacted my relationship with money, time management, my experience of getting what I want, in expressing my love and appreciation for others, my ability to get things done, breaking barriers that seemed unbreakable before, my energy level has increased and my ability to engage in physical exercise has altered dramatically."

Viviana Szleifer

"The Manifesting Mindset® is a revolutionary way to get what you want. The concepts are easy to understand, and I was able to start manifesting what I wanted right away. (And, I'm getting better at it. I love it!)"

Connie Delgado

"I have come away feeling a sense of purpose in moving forward. I am extremely grateful for learning how easy it is to manifest. It helps to know what I want."

Gordon Hudelson

The Training Program:

Gives you a working system for manifesting so you can become a person living a life that is full of joy and purpose

Shows you step-by-step how to effectively coach clients and build a successful business from home.

Affirmations rarely work. I will teach you a simple technique I call the Distractor Attractor that you can use to reprogram your brain to see what you might be overlooking.

One of the training modules will effectively Clear Debt, Increase Your Savings and Grow Your Net Worth even if you don't know how to do that right now.

You will develop a better connection to your  Intuition and Divine Guidance  so you can stop working so hard and act on faith.

* results may vary.

The Bottom Line?

What would YOU do if you had everything you ever wanted? How would it feel to live life in an optimum state of happiness?

I've been teaching Manifesting for over eight years now, and I still believe in the value of coaching one-on-one.

But, if you give The Manifesting Mindset® a try, you may experience real, profound happiness that comes from receiving what's right for you.

You could literally start to live the life you've always dreamed of living.  You may start to positively change things around you...

You may find that you feel more relaxed, content and at peace.

And, this is really a very small price to invest for your happiness. You can do this. I know you can.


Start Getting What You Want Today!

Become a Manifesting Mindset Coach