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The LiVE Manifesting Training Event that will Blow Your Mind and Explode Your Business.

Your business is a reflection of how big (or small) you think.


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Owning your own business can be awesome, and it can be equally rough. The Manifesting ExperienceTM is designed to get you consistently at a higher level in business and life.

Manifesting is not wishful thinking. Manifesting is a SKILL You Easily Can Learn.

You will discover there are infinite possibilities besides working your a$$ off to get what you want.  Even a 1% shift in your thinking will expand your peripheral vision to see the opportunities you've been missing.  There are infinite ways to attract wealth - you just haven't seen them.

Increase Your Savings and Grow Your Net Worth

Most entrepreneurs are risk takers, so cash flow can be an issue.  Regardless of what industry you are in, this revolutionary, daily step-by-step process will reprogram your money set-point and grow your net worth.  

You've got to shift your mindset. Have you noticed that working harder is not the answer to prosperity?

You will discover opportunities you haven't seen before.

It's an eye-opening and life-changing experience.  Your reticular cells act as a filter and delete anything that you don't recognize.  You will know how to retrain your brain to alert you to new opportunities that align with what you want to manifest.

The Manifesting ExperienceTM is about living a high-quality life that you design and have fun with.

What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted?

Hi, I'm Tonja Waring. And, that is the very question I heard my Divine Guidance Team ask me in 2009, and I laughed...out loud. What a silly question, I thought.  

Nonetheless, I posted this question around my house and in my car on post-it notes.  

Things really started to happen for me. And, only two years later, I was a Top Infomercial Host, QVC Guest, and sold over $50 Million on TV.

There is a formula to manifesting. If I can do it, you can do it. I  would love to show you how.

You Will Learn So Much!

The Manifesting Experience is CONTENT RICH with no upselling. This is all about you gaining the clarity to move forward with rocket speed in creating your ideal business and life.

Learn the 4 Domains of Manifesting

Ignite the 6-Step Manifesting ProcessTM

Clear Debt, Increase Your Savings and Net Worth

Every participant receives an autographed copy of my bestselling book, The Power of Manifesting.



"This Changed My Life."

It still amazes me when someone comes up to me and looks me in the eye and says those words to me. And, they mean it.

I want that for you, too.

"This has impacted my relationship with money, time management, my experience of getting what I want, in expressing my love and appreciation for others, my ability to get things done, breaking barriers that seamed unbreakable before, my energy level has increased and my ability to engage in physical exercise has altered dramatically."

Viviana Szleifer
Minneapolis, MN

"Tonja Waring is one of the most brilliant business builders I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Her creativity beams through every word she speaks. Anyone given the chance to work with her should take the opportunity and expect it to be life changing in so many ways. I know I did, and I am eternally grateful for her insight and wisdom."

Patrick D.,
National Speaker and Trainer | TV Show Host, The Business Spotlight

"I have come away feeling a sense of purpose in moving forward. The quality of people who are part of Tonja’s “Tribe” is through the roof! This is reflected in everything that she does. She is open, inviting, and caring; a truly amazing speaker, business woman, and now friend, I am extremely grateful for everything that she has brought to my life."

Gordon Hudelson
Denver, Colorado

What would YOU do if you had everything you always wanted?

That is not just wishful thinking. That is a real possibility.  Join other like-minded entrepreneurs and blow your mind.


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