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Meet Tonja Waring

Founder of
The Manifesting Mindset

In my mind, I'm just a mom with three kids living in suburbia.  

That is my every day life.  And, I love it!  My joke is that I write more than I read, and I'm on TV more than I watch. (I don't watch TV at all.)  When I look back on what I've accomplished, I believe it is a result of shutting out the distraction and focusing on what I want. I am disciplined that way.

I never stop thinking about what I really want, asking for it, and moving in that direction. I look at this life as my gift, and it is my obligation to make the most of it.

When I lost my marriage, my home and my career, you bet your sweet a$$, I was struggling not to give up. Thank God, I discovered The Manifesting ProcessTM  (which totally changed my life.)

I had already been successful in real estate and other businesses, making six-figures a year. But I wasn't consistent. I had lots of ups and downs.

In a flash, I became crystal clear on what I wanted and finally had the courage to really ask for it.

That was the moment everything changed for me.


A Week Later...

A friend called me and told me about a small pillow company that could use my help.  I became a Top Infomercial Host and QVC Guest selling over $50 Million on TV.

And, I use this same Manifesting ProcessTM over and over to get what I want because it works.

I live in Prosper, TX with my three kids and dog, Banjo.

Today, I have more JOY in my life than I ever thought possible. I have manifested everything that is important to me - thriving kids who have good friends, purpose-focused businesses, a rejuvenating home with a pool, travel, income, an incredible boyfriend who really gets me, peace of mind, vitality and loyal friends. It all started with mastering my mindset and practicing The Manifesting ProcessTM consistently.

My Purpose is to teach people how to master the Art and Science of Manifesting.


Manifesting is simple, but like physical exercise, it takes discipline. You get to retrain your mind to see the opportunity that has surrounded you since birth.  That is why I created The Manifesting Mindset®. I want to show people step-by-step how to expand their peripheral vision, attract more of what they want and live life in a state of "happy."

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I believe we all can be doing what we love.